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Radical Rex: Wrong for Pima County

Gaslighting from the Start

Rex Scott proclaimed in the last campaign that he was a moderate, that he would work to represent all of District 1. He lied to us: From day one, he’s voted in near-lockstep with the radicals on the Board of Supervisors, and has served not his constituents, but his party.

The Worst Expansion of Pima County Government in History

Rex Scott has happily voted time and again for astronomical county budgets. In his first year, he passed a budget that spent roughly double what the county had taken in the year prior, going from revenue of $1.19Bn to spending of $2.1Bn. Just like that.

In fact, he’s run the largest deficits in county history for his entire term.

To spend that money, Rex Scott has taken out credit in our name. It’s so bad, Pima County has put up our jail as collateral for the public debt. Before they come to repossess the jail, we need to replace our county leadership with rational, responsible stewards who will reduce the debt, not add to it.

More to Come

This only scratches the surface. We’ve got more to tell you, so watch this space. Rex Scott voted to weaponize a law designed to restrict government by misconstruing it to use it against us; he’s voted for county ordinances that violate the Constitution; he’s been a reliable rubber stamp for Adelita Grijalva; and we can definitely say that Rex Scott has not been a good representative for District 1.