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On any measure that expands county government, I'll vote HARD NO.

That's my promise to you.

Shatter the budget. Secure our border. Attract better jobs.
This year, we take back District 1 from the radicals who have been spending our county billions of dollars into debt.
Steve Spain is the grassroots fighter to undo the damage the current board has caused.

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Meet Steve

It's a Party!

Meet me, Cory Stephens from District 2, and JL Wittenbreaker from District 3 on Saturday, March 2nd. There will be a band and dancing, but I'm just honored to run as part of this amazing team!

Find your tickets at the Rock'N Roll to Victory site:

District 1 has a *Bad* Supervisor

District 1 has a Bad Supervisor

Since 2020, our representative has done what's best for his party, not for us who live in District 1. Rex Scott has:

  • Doubled the county budget,
  • Told you to mask up, while walking around maskless himself,
  • Sided with extreme leftists like Grijalva and Heinz, and
  • Misinterpreted state law to limit your ability to speak at county meetings.
Read More of Radical Rex's Wrongdoing
*Steve Spain* is the Leader District 1 Needs

Steve Spain is the Leader District 1 Needs

Steve is a Tucson-area native and dedicated to bettering Pima County:

  • Cut the budget and taxes to reduce your mortgage or rent payments.
  • Get Pima County government out of your way.
  • Represent District 1, not party or personal interests.
  • Restrict government, not us citizens.
  • Expose the waste and the graft.
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How can I reach Steve?

Email: [email protected]
Phone: 520.305.9469
Sign Steve's petition to get him on the ballot: Nominate.VoteSteveSpain.com