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About Steve

Steve Spain takes service to heart and takes county governance seriously. It’s time District 1 had a rational representative who works for us, not a shill for a far-left agenda.

Tucson Born and Bred: Steve is from Here

Steve grew up in the Tucson area and graduated from the University of Arizona with a dual major in Management Information Systems and Operations Management. He’s a desert rat, to be certain, and deeply emotionally connected to this stunning desert we call home. That’s part of why Steve has a passion for Pima County, and part of why he’s willing to work to serve us better.

Hospitality: More than Just a Job

After graduating, Steve unexpectedly found himself in the hospitality industry, which he quickly came to love. He went to work for two hotels here in Tucson under brands of the former Starwood Hotels & Resorts family, before he accepted a promotion to one of Tucson’s legendary resorts, then took over IT operations for all three hotels, and later became a remote member of the company’s elite Americas IT Leadership Team. Along the way, Steve received accolades as Most Valuable Peer both of the two years he was eligible.

Steve cemented his belief in the value of gracious service while supporting colleagues and helping guests in his years at our local hotels, working from Tucson for the Americas team, and whenever he would travel for work. And he delivered value in the process, saving his employers millions of dollars when he led the work to migrate over 18,000 computers from the legacy Starwood network to the Marriott network after the latter company purchased the former. Steve’s innovation and drive led the Marriott team to adopt procedures and standards he developed, and he was able to support other aspects of the integration at the same time.

Steve embraced then, and continues to embrace today, that spirit of hospitality, that welcoming approach to collaborating for value, for efficacy, and for elevated outcomes.

Service: The Way it Should Be

That spirit comes naturally to Steve: He’s been involved as a volunteer since he was a kid, serving though his church, his schools, and other community organizations. Today, Steve is very active in his faith and excited to volunteer in multiple capacities.

He has served on several boards, including that of the Arizona Diaper Bank (which was then the Diaper Bank of Southern Arizona). In his time with that storied organization, Steve even served (briefly) as an Executive Director, where he gave the charity’s staff their first-ever job descriptions, evaluations, and goals. From what each of the members of the staff indicated, it was the first time they felt like they were treated fairly and given an honest and helpful review. Even as a volunteer, Steve seeks the best for others; it’s in his nature.

Pima County: We’ve got Work to Do

Since the early 2010’s, Steve has been vocal and adamant about the poor governance that has long plagued Pima County. Steve has stood against:

  • The current Board of Supervisors accepting federal tax money to waste on unneeded programs and projects while refusing funds to secure the border,
  • This same board taking in $1.2 billion from the community in 2020 and turning around to spend a shocking and shameful $2.1 billion in 2021,
  • County supervisors paying an unwarranted, exorbitant salary very well above comparative counties to its appointed County Administrator,
  • Far-left radicals on the Board of Supervisors passing ordinances that meet their party’s socialist demands at the expense of our rights and freedoms, and
  • An ever-growing list of bad governance that brings shame to Pima County.

Steve will not tolerate more of this behavior, and neither should we. That’s another part of the reason he stepped up to serve District 1.

Principled Leadership: True Commitments, not just Campaign Promises

”On any measure that comes before me as County Supervisor that expands or grows Pima County government, or that maintains this uncontrolled spending, I will vote hard no.”

That’s Steve’s promise. That’s his solemn duty. And he takes it seriously. We deserve better than the representation we’ve had since the election in 2020, and Steve Spain is the leader we need in District 1.

Vote Steve Spain in November, and let’s take Pima County back!

  • End deficit spending.
  • Sell unnecessary county properties, like the former bowling alley we should never have purchased.
  • Prioritize safety at the border and in our county.
  • Be sensible about growth and development that respects our neighbors.
  • Get obscene books out of the children’s section of our libraries.
  • Repeal ordinances that violate Arizona Revised Statutes and the Arizona State Constitution.
  • Bring the values of hospitality to constituent services.

Talk to your neighbors, spread the word, support Steve Spain, vote Steve Spain, and we’ll win back Pima County, together!